A message from Béatrice WEISS GOUT

Founding bwg and inscribing it in the history of the Family Law Bar was a wonderful adventure, packed with reflections and encounters.

What an adventure it was, first of all, to come across a legal area that has bound the social structure of families since time immemorial, struck by the evolutions of our times, the liberation of morals, the progress of science, the incessant and planetary movement of people.

A single legal field covering so many matters: parental authority, filiation, adoption, matrimonial regimes, divorce, cohabitation, inheritance, guardianship, domestic violence.

A field that has always been a reference point for families, but which today must be complemented by other human sciences, psychology, sociology, medicine and other techniques, mainly digital.

We have had to discover, introduce and develop all that and much more over the last twenty years.

So many reflections thereafter on how to exercise the law of human relations, and how to put whoever pushes the door of a law firm at the core of the problem.

Practicing family law is not just about defending, it is also about listening, accompanying and advising those who are going through situations for which, given the dizzying speed of change, they have not been prepared.

This requires reliable legal technique, thoroughness inspired by the most successful business law firms, but without forgetting that technique must always be at our service, and that the best solution is sometimes more consensual and negotiated than winning a painful trial.

Lastly, many wonderful encounters: Isabelle, Stéphanie, Charlotte, Rahima, Julie and Mélanie, my dear partners, each and every one of them “love at first sight”, strong and beautiful personalities, rare, endearing, all different but all united by the same culture, the same human and intellectual values, and all committed to unfailing ethics and moral rigour.

There were also collaborators, administrative managers, assistants, all of them smart, serious, invested and caring. Beautiful people for a beautiful team!

bwg is about them, today and tomorrow, a radiant living space, a place of exchange and solidarity devoid of competition, at the service of families and their members.

The dream of every founder is that the human company he or she has created survives him or her, but a greater ambition is necessary: a company must grow and develop independently of its founder.

This ambition is now achieved, bwg is both the same and different, an indisputable and undisputed reference.

As I write these lines (April 2020), at a time when we may be changing the world once again, I know that bwg has all the assets and skills it needs for the bright future it deserves.