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The constant growth of bwg leads the firm to pursue an active policy in terms of recruiting new talents. bwg is regularly on the lookout for lawyers wishing to invest in and develop exclusive expertise in family law.

Our approach:

Case files are handled by two person team, with a partner, which ensures that the firm’s knowledge and expertise are disseminated properly.

Your place with the clients:

Direct contact with the client, during appointments and when making decisions.

Continuous training:

The presence of law teachers and researchers with the firm guarantees that the teams are trained properly and that changes in the law and practice are applied.

Your prospects:

There are good career prospects as the firm is expanding through internal growth.


Master’s degree (Master’s II degree in Law / Business School / Sciences Po ….) and Bar exam.


Fluent English is required to work as an associate within the international department.


Abilities to combine technical skills, human qualities as well situational intelligence.

To apply :

Send your curriculum vitae and covering letter mentioning either “Assistant lawyer candidature” or “Internship candidature” to

Job offers


What values do you share with bwg ?

Family spirit!

« One of the pillars of the group is kindness, which we all show to each other.

In the way we approach our work we are aware of the responsibility of the lawyer, which goes beyond the legal solution. Indeed, our job also consists in accompanying our clients in life’s turning points and it is our responsibility to ensure that these events have as little impact as possible on the family. This is also why the firm promotes alternative dispute resolutions, which I believe is the future of our profession.

Finally, we share the spirit of brotherhood and the Firm’s investment in the Family Bar testifies to it. »

Camille ANGER Partner
What are the main attractive features of the firm ?

« I joined bwg in March 2016 mainly because this large firm offered me the opportunity to pursue my career in a highly specialized structure in all areas of family law, with qualified colleagues but also with other legal professionals or experienced experts, and thus to ensure teamwork and quality work for our clients.

Beyond this way of practicing, for the last 4 years  I have appreciated on a daily basis the values of humanity, solidarity and aim for excellence, which are shared by the  “bwg people”, and which make this firm and all its members involved, in all circumstances, in order to offer a complete and personalized service to each of our clients. »


Pauline GOURDON Associate
What are the foundations of your commitment at bwg ?

« As I wanted to practice family law, particularly in international contexts, bwg was an ideal choice for my entry into the legal profession because of its areas of practice and its unanimously recognised expertise in this field.

My first steps with the firm have only confirmed its reputation for excellence and the remarkable qualities it demonstrates both on a legal and human basis.

The Firm’s client support, which often takes place in the context of family crises, is thus part of a constant concern to respond effectively and constructively to complex human and patrimonial issues.

Finally, I particularly appreciate the stimulating and warm working environment, that bwg offers, which is distinguished by the close relationships forged between the partners and their associates and by the great cohesion of the team, allowing me to begin my professional career as a lawyer in the best possible way. »

Helen O’NEIL Associate
What are the basis of your commitment at bwg ? What values do you share with bwg ? What are the main factors that make the firm attractive ?

« The foundation of my commitment with bwg is widely linked to the firm’s values and attractiveness features.

I originally intended to become a judge, but I was immediately won over by bwg during my first internship, and then became a lawyer and never left.

bwg is the combination of exigency, hard work, rigour, specialisation and anticipation in the field of family law, with the ability to think taking into account the world around us, the considerations of each participant, the expectations and needs of each client, in order to be able, in any situation, to propose a solution that is the most constructed, successful and adapted to the case at hand.

This requires the effort and the personality of each person in the firm, but also and above all a very strong team and collective spirit, both in the internal functioning of the firm (working in pairs / distribution of cases according to specializations) and through the choice to associate with the best experts in all areas (notary, mediator, colleagues specialized in other areas …). »

Alice DEPRET Partner
You are now an assistant solicitor with bwg. What in your opinion, is its added value ?

After spending six months as an intern with the firm it was with great joy and a certain pride I was taken on as an assistant lawyer by bwg. My integration is therefore the continuity of my experience as an intern and my new functions are the proof of this positive development. A development which I’m able to approach calmly thanks to the support and the trust of the whole team.

The bwg is a group of individuals who form a united and human team with whom I am lucky to be able to begin my professional career with. These same values of unity and humanity also guide our relationship with our clients who we advise and assist at important moments of their lives.

The firm’s search for excellence and its capacity to innovate is in its DNA. Each lawyer develops a specific skill, and this “super specialization” enables the law to be viewed not only as a simple rule of application but also as a real predictive planning tool.

Emmanuelle HUBY Associate
You are now an assistant solicitor with bwg. What in your opinion, is its added value ?

After spending my internships during Bar School working in specialist family law firms, I knew bwg from reputation and repute. Its difficult not to, because it has become one of the largest and most competent firms in Paris in this field in recent years.

bwg was my first choice when I was looking for a position as an Assistant Lawyer.

bwg is different from other firms, because the life inside the firm reflects its reputation and the promises made during the interview. Although I am just beginning, I feel that the partners have confidence in the way I manage case files and my relationships with the clients. This is enabling me to develop quickly as a lawyer. I have learned so much in just a few months. The mutual assistance which exists inside the team is also a considerable support. I cannot finish describing the added value at bwg without stressing the great atmosphere, energy and the solidarity amongst the whole team which I am proud to be a member of today.

Coline LE CAM-MAYOU Associate