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We provide daily assistance to parents, separated or not, grandparents, in-laws and any third party connected with children.

Our concern for children and the various, increasingly complex issues affecting them always lead us to act in their best interests.

Because of our judicial and extra-judicial experience, and because we understand the relational and psychological aspects of these issues, we address them without ever losing sight of this priority.

This is particularly the case when it comes to establishing filiation, organising one’s life on a material and financial level, resolving potential conflicts of parental authority, but also to protect children when they find themselves in a situation of obvious danger or distress, both in a national and international context.

Our areas of intervention are the following:

  • Parental authority: exercise, parental charter, delegation, withdrawal
  • Organisation of children’s lives and financial measures relating to them in the event of separation
  • Child protection
  • Biological filiation:
  • Establishing filiation: recognition, proceedings to establish maternity or paternity, action to establish possession of status,
  • Challenging filiation,
  • Registration of filiation: particularly post surrogacy
  • Adoptive filiation :
  • Simple adoption: addition of a filiation link
  • Full adoption: substitution of a filiation link
  • Registration of filiation link, in particular post ART or surrogacy
  • Relationship between the child and his/her relatives/third parties :
  • Rights and obligations of relatives: grandparents, step-parents towards the child,
  • Delegation of parental authority / délégation-partage (parental authority is shared between parents and a delegate)
  • Guardianship of minors
  • Protection of minors’ assets
  • Children at risk and educational assistance
  • Change of first or last name
  • International transfer of residence/relocation
  • Expatriation family counselling
  • Intercountry Adoption

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