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Protection / Dependence

We assist families affected by the vulnerability of one of their own, whether it is related to belonging to a minority, to a temporary or permanent disability, or to ageing.

This may involve carrying out an audit of their situation in order to address difficulties upstream, but also tackling the obstacle and providing solutions to already concrete situations.

We thus work daily on issues related to anticipating vulnerability, implementing and/or managing a protective measure for a vulnerable adult, and managing assets of minors and protected adults in all their aspects.

Over the years, we have surrounded ourselves with a solid network of legal and financial professionals, whom we never hesitate to call upon, in agreement with our clients, to provide them with all the support they need according to their situation.   

As we usually say, “a lawyer is the leading professional when it comes to vulnerability”. We strive to intervene with the utmost legal rigour, but also with a great deal of empathy for the families and the respect that is due to each and every one of them.

Our areas of intervention are the following:

  • Mandate for future protection
  • Appointment of a family representative
  • Early appointment of a legal guardian
  • Limited judicial protection (sauvegarde de justice)
  • Guardianship in its various forms (curatelle, tutelle)
  • Legal administration and guardianship of minors

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