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New family relationships

As our society, morals and science have evolved, families have replaced the traditional concept of the family: single-parent families, homoparental families, stepfamilies, families affected by accidents…

At the centre of all these family configurations is one common thread: children.

Regardless of the family within which they evolve, children develop and form ties with each of their members, their biological parent, their parent of intent, their step-parent, their adoptive parent and their grandparents, particularly when the parent becomes defaulting, unfit to perform this duty or is no longer there …

In recent years, our law has evolved a lot and, little by little, has established and defined the legal status of each of these protagonists, their rights and obligations towards children.

Ever fully aware of the societal, legislative and jurisprudential evolutions, and strengthened by our judicial practice regarding the actions and procedures to be taken, we regularly accompany these families with attention and empathy, always keeping in mind that each act, each initiative can be decisive in the life story of a child and his or her relatives.

To do so, we work as a team with a network of mediators, therapists and notaries who share the same concern.

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