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Family crisis

Because we specialise in family conflicts, we never fuel them.

On the contrary, we favour amicable solutions whenever possible.

In order to do so, we are trained in various amicable methods:

  • Collaborative process
  • Participatory procedure
  • Mediation as mediator or accompanying lawyer
  • Interest-based negotiation.

We show inventiveness and we know how to surround ourselves with other professionals (psychologists, certified accountants, lawyers from other specialties, foreign colleagues, notaries …) to find a tailor-made solution, in accordance with the interests of our clients.

When litigation is unavoidable, we defend our clients’ interests with the same ardour before all competent jurisdictions in family litigation (Family Court Judge, Juvenile Court Judge, judicial court, Litigation and Protection Judge, Court of Appeal…).

We liaise with our correspondents before foreign courts.

Whenever possible, we remain attentive to the opportunities to reach an agreement at each stage of the procedure.

Dedicated partners