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Divorce and other separations

We are committed to helping our clients come out of the crises they are going through, whether temporary or permanent, on top.

To this end, we make the most of our legal expertise, our financial and economic culture, which enables us to understand and measure what is at stake, as well as our common sense, empathy and understanding of situations.

Our experience in this area allows us to deal on a daily basis with separations or divorces with financial stakes (complex remuneration of senior executives or company directors, complex estate structures, etc.), with determination and efficiency.

Thanks to our ability to work as a team, we collaborate with partners who are specialists in other areas (lawyers specialising in other fields, asset managers, notaries, certified accountants, psychologists, etc.) for a comprehensive approach to the situation for the benefit of our clients, whilst being respectful of their children.

Our areas of intervention are the following:

  • Divorce
  • Assessment and consultations on compensatory allowance, in particular on the method created by the firm with Maître Stéphane DAVID, Notary
  • Assistance in the context of expert assessments
  • Legal separation
  • Proceedings seeking contribution towards household expenses
  • Organising children’s lives and financial measures relating to them
  • Civil union (PACS) breakdown
  • Cohabitation breakdown
  • Liquidation and division of matrimonial or joint-ownership regimes
  • Family agreement
  • International separation and divorce

Dedicated partners