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Decades of building up an estate, decades of deconstruction of family relationships, and tight timing due to taxation to settle an inheritance. An impossible equation?

Such can be the case when one is overwhelmed by grief, anger, a lack of understanding of the issues and the technique of settling an estate.

We are committed to alleviating our clients from this delicate operation, and to helping them settle high-stakes estates, to avoid them getting tangled up, without losing sight of the tax aspects, nor the need for a harmonised solution when the estate is split up in several countries.

The search for an amicable division will always be favoured and we like to work as a team with the notary, but if a litigation is inevitable, we conduct the proceedings vigorously.

Because proper preparation is part of the solution, we encourage our clients to anticipate their own passing away and the settlement of their own estate.

Our areas of intervention are the following:

  • Consulting to anticipate the transmission of one’s assets (donation, inter vivos distribution, exclusion clause from legal administration, will, mandate with posthumous effect).
  • Amicable sharing or procedure for judicial sharing
  • Amicable or judicial management of joint and divided inherited property

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